1) What the heck is printable art?

Printable art is the best way to decorate any living space in need of a little dash of whimsy, charm, elegance, attitude, humor, a rustic touch – you name it! – quickly and affordably.

In just a few minutes and for just a few dollars, you can transform any room in your home while showing off your artistic side! So go ahead and sit back with a relaxing glass of wine or your favorite microbrew, browse some good art, and imagine how jealous your friends will be when they see your new wall gallery :-)

2) What resolution and file format is the art?

All designs are delivered as high resolution (300 dpi) JPEG files (that means they're super high quality :-D)

3) What size is the art?

Most designs are meant to be printed as 8x10s (inches, not cm), but some are 5x7 designs. For your convenience, the size is listed as part of a listing's title (for example, Always Kiss Me Goodnight - 8x10).

4) Okay, but how does a JPEG file become art on my wall?

This is such a great question with so many answers! Once you download your high-resolution printable art JPEG file, you can print it immediately from your home computer on photo paper — or regular paper even, at a copy shop (e.g. Kinko’s, Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Costco, etc), or online with a service like Snapfish.

5) So which one should I use?*

This totally depends on your needs. If you don’t need to hang your prints immediately, I can’t recommend Persnickety Prints enough. They’re awesome.

If you’re crunched for time, though, you should feel absolutely comfortable using a 1-hour photo shop, like Walgreens. They tend to charge more for the convenience ($3.99/8×10) and their colors might be over-saturated and less balanced (darks too dark, example).

But whatever. Life’s too short to nitpick!

(*Check out this blog post for a more detailed answer with pictures!)

6) Should I use glossy or matte paper for my prints?

Glossy photographic paper, which is shiny and reflects light easily and helps colors pop, is a fantastic option. This is great for most prints – especially if they’ve got personality!

Some people, though, prefer matte paper, which is less shiny/reflective and results in less vibrant colors. This is a great choice for vintage prints meant to appear aged, for example.

7) Can I download the digital art to my phone/mobile device?

Yes and no! Any single images are downloaded as JPEGs, which you can download directly to your phone. All bundles, however, are delivered as a zip file due to the large size and number of hi-res JPEG images they contain, and these have to be downloaded to a computer and "unzipped" in order to use them.

8) Unzipped? Are you speaking English still???

Most definitely! In order to access your art files ("unzip" them) from the zip folders you'll download, simply:

1) Double click on the zip file and you should then see your printable art files!

2) Next, highlight all of them and move them to a folder on your desktop (or wherever you'd like to save them).

3) You're all done! Now you can print and enjoy your new art! :-)

9) Do I need special software for the zip files?

Not at all! Both Macs and Windows handle these files natively, which means you don't need any third-party software. 

10) Why doesn't the option to print show up when I open an image on my computer?

This happens if the image is part of a bundle and you're opening it from within the zip folder still. Your computer's all like "Nuh uh, ain't happening 'till y'all unzip this here image." (Note: the accent of your computer's inner monologue may vary depending on your location.)

11) Can I resell this art?

Short answer: sorry, no. All art is licensed for personal, non-commercial use only. In other words, please print and enjoy your art that you purchase, but it is not permitted to sell or giveaway in any form, digital or physical.

12) Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of printable art, refunds can't be given to art that has already been downloaded. However, if a purchased product has not been downloaded yet, it is still eligible for a refund.

For physical products, please see the Return Policy.

13) I haven't received my order via email yet. Help!

The email with your download links should arrive within minutes of completing your order. If it's been more than 10 minutes and you still don't see it, this usually happens for a few common reasons:

1) The email went to your spam/junk folder and is waiting patiently for you there.

2) If you checked out via Paypal, make sure you check the email account associated with your Paypal account (and then see #1 above :-D)

3) There was a typo in your email address during checkout. If you've tried #1 and #2 above and still can't find your order email, shoot me an email through the Contact Form and I'll get your squared away asap! Be sure to include the full name the order was placed under and the date to help speed along the process :-)

14) I need troubleshooting help!

Check out the Troubleshooting Page for answers to the most common issues you might be experiencing.

15) Your turn!

Have a question not answered here? Head over to the contact form to submit your question :-)