5 Ways to Display Your Art Prints!

When it comes to your space, nothing is more important than making it homey, making it fun, and making it creative – but most importantly, making it you. If you’ve got some beautiful art prints and wall art that you’d like to use to brighten up your space, these ideas are here to help you hang them.

There are so many different ways to display your framed wall art. Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or a trendy loft, one of these suggestions is bound to tickle your fancy!

Vintage Hangers

Vintage Hangers for Art
These aren't your grandpa's pants hangers -- oh wait, that's exactly what they are. In any case, these little treasures make for a fun DIY project. All you have to do is find those old pants hangers and begin securing your prints just like a clipboard. From there, get creative with your composition for the perfect DIY gallery wall. (Image via Celebrate Life)



Magnetic Art Frame
Have you seen these new wood-look magnetic poster hanging strips just yet? If you haven’t let us fill you in! These simple and minimalist magnetic wooden strips are so easy to use because they simply connect to magnets on your wall, holding your art prints delicately and securely in place, even without an edge!  (Image via Well Made)



Clipboard Art Frames
Nothing warms the heart like that fun, rustic, and vintage vibe, right? Here’s a great idea for you to display your new art prints. Grab some old wooden clipboards – the ones that you’ve got tucked away with your old school books. From there, simply secure your prints using the clip and tack the whole thing onto the wall. And if you decide to make a gallery wall, even better!
(Image via Smile and Wave)


Washi Tape

Washi Tape Wall Art
Hanging art with Washi tape creates a carefree whimsy to its presentation that complements the frenetic energy of creative spaces extremely well! (Image via Old Brand New)


The Classic Framed Art

Woodland Animals Nursery Art Prints
One of the easiest ways to display your art prints is to frame them with some nice classic, rustic, or modern frames. See, this is always a good idea because your choice of frames can seamlessly align with your home décor style. It makes it easier to present each print as if it’s a sophisticated piece of art that you purchased off of another collector! For a classic, sophisticated look, framing and hanging is always a good idea.


Now that I've shown you mine, what options do you love or have you come up with yourself that I've missed? Share them in the comments below and show off your sparkling ingenuity, you artiste de génie (<-totally made up term by me), you!




Eileen said:

I love the 8×10 botanical prints. Where can I find wood frames to display as you show in photos?

Hannah Lane

Hannah Lane said:

Can I make a more traditional recommendation that looks awesome? I’ve loved how prior printable purchases look framed in the RIBBA frames from IKEA. The mat gives it a very professional, gallery type feel and a very finished look. :)


HB said:

Loooove the hangers idea!!!


Erin said:

Oh. My. Word. I stumbled upon an ad on fb and clicked. I LOVE your site and these ideas are to die! The Vintage hangers? You, my friend, are a flipping genius. Thank you for this.

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